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Evaluation of gastroprotective and ulcer healing activities of yellow mombin juice from Spondias mombin L.
PLoS One
Brito SA, Barbosa IS, de Almeida CLF, de Medeiros JW, Silva Neto JC, Rolim LA, da Silva TG, Ximenes RM, Menezes IRA, Caldas GFR, Wanderley AG.
PMID: 30395566 [PubMed - in process]

Antiulcer effects of Zataria multiflora Boiss. on indomethacin-induced gastric ulcer in rats.
Avicenna J Phytomed
Minaiyan M, Sajjadi SE, Amini K.
PMID: 30345228 [PubMed]

The comparison of monopolar hemostatic forceps with soft coagulation versus hemoclip for peptic ulcer bleeding: a randomized trial (with video).
Gastrointest Endosc
Toka B, Eminler AT, Karacaer C, Uslan MI, Koksal AS, Parlak E.
PMID: 30342026 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Association of IL-1B+3954 and IL-1RN Polymorphisms in Chronic Gastritis and Peptic Ulcer.
Iran J Public Health
Motamedi Rad N, Rezaeishahmirzadi M, Shakeri S, Abbaszadegan MR, Shekari M.
PMID: 30320011 [PubMed]

End Stage Renal Disease Is Associated with Increased Mortality in Perforated Gastroduodenal Ulcers.
Am Surg
Gross DJ, Chung PJ, Smith MC, Roudnitsky V, Alfonso AE, Sugiyama G.
PMID: 30268177 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Role of gastroscopic biopsy of gastric ulcer margins and healed sites in the diagnosis of early gastric cancer: A clinical controlled study of 513 cases.
Oncol Lett
Wan JJ, Fei SJ, Lv SX, Han ST, Ma XG, Xu DS, Chen HM, Zhang J.
PMID: 30250534 [PubMed]

Acid Peptic Disease.
Surg Clin North Am
Kempenich JW, Sirinek KR.
PMID: 30243454 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Gastroduodenal ulcer bleeding in elderly patients on low dose aspirin therapy.
World J Gastroenterol
Fukushi K, Tominaga K, Nagashima K, Kanamori A, Izawa N, Kanazawa M, Sasai T, Hiraishi H.
PMID: 30228784 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Disparities in peptic ulcer disease: A nationwide study.
Am J Surg
Havens JM, Castillo-Angeles M, Nitzschke SL, Salim A.
PMID: 30224069 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing the Effects of Vonoprazan Plus Rebamipide and Esomeprazole Plus Rebamipide on Gastric Ulcer Healing Induced by Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection.
Intern Med
Ichida T, Ueyama S, Eto T, Kusano F, Sakai Y.
PMID: 30210115 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Comparative efficacy of various anti-ulcer medications after gastric endoscopic submucosal dissection: a systematic review and network meta-analysis.
Surg Endosc
Kim EH, Park SW, Nam E, Lee JG, Park CH.
PMID: 30167955 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Effect of ilaprazole on the healing of endoscopic submucosal dissection-induced gastric ulcer: randomized-controlled, multicenter study.
Surg Endosc
Bang CS, Shin WG, Seo SI, Choi MH, Jang HJ, Park SW, Kae SH, Yang YJ, Shin SP, Baik GH, Kim HY.
PMID: 30167954 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

A cluster randomised, crossover, registry-embedded clinical trial of proton pump inhibitors versus histamine-2 receptor blockers for ulcer prophylaxis therapy in the intensive care unit (PEPTIC study): study protocol.
Crit Care Resusc
Young PJ, Bagshaw SM, Forbes A, Nichol A, Wright SE, Bellomo R, Bailey MJ, Beasley RW, Eastwood GM, Festa M, Gattas D, van Haren F, Litton E, Mouncey PR, Navarra L, Pilcher D, Mackle DM, McArthur CJ, McGuinness SP, Saxena MK, Webb S, Rowan KM, Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society Clinical Trials Group on behalf of the PEPTIC investigators..
PMID: 30153780 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Clinical Outcomes of Patients with Non-ulcer and Non-variceal Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding: A Prospective Multicenter Study of Risk Prediction Using a Scoring System.
Dig Dis Sci
Park HW, Jeon SW.
PMID: 30132232 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Short-term outcomes after emergency surgery for complicated peptic ulcer disease from the UK National Emergency Laparotomy Audit: a cohort study.
BMJ Open
Byrne BE, Bassett M, Rogers CA, Anderson ID, Beckingham I, Blazeby JM, Association of Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeons for the National Emergency Laparotomy Project Team..
PMID: 30127054 [PubMed - in process]

Antiulcer Effect of Honey in Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Induced Gastric Ulcer Model in Rats: A Systematic Review.
Evid Based Complement Alternat Med
Fazalda A, Quraisiah A, Nur Azlina MF.
PMID: 30105063 [PubMed]

Re-evaluating the Utility of Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis in the Critically Ill Patient: A Clinical Scenario-Based Meta-Analysis.
Reynolds PM, MacLaren R.
PMID: 30101529 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

A comparative study of subsequent liver cirrhosis risk in non-Helicobacter pylori-infected peptic ulcer patients with and without vagotomy: An Asian population cohort study.
J Gastroenterol Hepatol
Wu SC, Chen WT, Muo CH, Hsu CY.
PMID: 30101458 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

[Analysis of proton pump inhibitors anti-ulcer drugs use in the Araba district primary care area].
Rev Esp Salud Publica
Martínez Gorostiaga J, Echevarría Orella E, Calvo Hernáez B.
PMID: 30100604 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Atypical anastomotic malignancies of small bowel after subtotal gastrectomy with Billorth II gastroenterostomy for peptic ulcer: Report of three cases and review of the literature.
World J Gastrointest Oncol
Kotidis E, Ioannidis O, Pramateftakis MG, Christou K, Kanellos I, Tsalis K.
PMID: 30079145 [PubMed]

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